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Vizlib Collaboration

Vizlib Qlik Sense Writeback table

Vizlib Collaboration | Writeback & Collaboration for Qlik Sense

Vizlib Collaboration adds a comprehensive collaboration and writeback layer for your Qlik Sense. It’s designed to support your entire insights-to-action journey in Qlik Sense: from team discussions and insight sharing in real-time to workflows and data editing and adding on the fly.

Don’t stop at looking at data. With valuable write-back capabilities, you can close the analytics loop in published Qlik apps by linking up your business tools and streamlining your workflows.

Stretch Qonnect is a proud Vizlib Partner. We sell and implement Vizlib’s products, and our experts help you make sure you are getting the maximum value from your investment.

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Vizlib Writeback table in Qlik Sense
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Included in Vizlib Collaboration for Qlik Sense

Vizlib Collaboration consists of several extensions that will make your Qlik Sense environment more collaborative and able to solve new use cases.

Writeback Table

Vizlib Writeback Table allows you to easily edit, update, and comment on data points or entire rows directly in your dashboards while remaining in the analysis flow. It’s a little like spreadsheets in Qlik Sense, but a lot more powerful, as it lets you correct your data, insert new information, adjust numbers and create new data segmentations.


With Vizlib Teamwork users can easily kick-off discussions right in their dashboards, call attention to interesting data points with contextualized comments, and share their view of data with other people on the team. With in-context communication and real-time conversations inside your dashboards, teams can ask and answer questions in minutes, saving time and making better decisions.

Input Form

Vizlib Input Form lets you capture user input and enter new data points into your published Qlik Sense apps. And connecting to endpoints using REST, the Vizlib Input Form can send dynamic data to almost any business tool—from another system, like your CRM, to email or Slack or an output file (like .csv or .qvf). Using a range of classic data input types, you can design your own custom and fully branded data input form to blend in with your dashboards.

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