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Make your business intelligent with data

The secret is out. Data-driven organizations vastly outperform their competitors. There is hardly a sector or function that hasn’t been impacted by the vast improvements offered by utilizing the organization’s data foundation to make quicker and better decisions, automate processes, and reduce risks.

The question modern organizations are facing, is not “Why improve our analytics capabilities?”. The question is how?

Stretch Qonnect is your personal partner in business intelligence. We have helped hundreds of organizations from strategy to implementation of modern business intelligence solutions. From identifying value-generating use cases, creating reusable data foundations, designing intuitive dashboards, and training your users, we have you covered.

Looking to build or improve your business intelligence platform? Our experts are ready to help.

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How can Stretch Qonnect help your business become data-driven?

Stretch Qonnect is your personal business intelligence partner

We offer end-to-end consultancy and implementation services for analytics projects of any size.

  • Business Intelligence strategy services
  • Solution design
  • Solution implementation
  • Cloud and on-premise architecture design and optimization
  • Data security set-up
  • Data integration and modeling
  • Visual analytics optimization & UI design

For us, no project is too big or too small. Our customers range from implementing full analytics platforms for some of the largest companies in the world to helping the finance department of a small local vendor digitalize their P&L.

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Small steps to data-driven decision making

Value-oriented Business Intelligence

Our approach to delivering business intelligence projects always prioritizes business value. For us, this means a small steps approach.

Business value is first created when the solution is launched and in use. The classical model where IT departments try to deliver all the functionality in one iteration is dead. It is too expensive to develop unnecessary and/or bad functionality with faulty designs that create costs for years to come. The challenge is that the design decisions in the classical model are taken too early when you are yet to understand what functionality will yield the most value.

Small improvements can have a large impact. At Stretch Qonnect we believe that if we shorten the time to production, we increase business value. When we reach production there is equally important work to refine, adjust, remove, and add functionality, which increases the produced business value. A small change may make a big impact during a lifecycle.

A combination of many small steps over a solution’s lifecycle can provide a powerful effect on business value, and thus a company’s competitiveness.

At Stretch Qonnect we use a business value-oriented iterative process for our projects.

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