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Qlik Sense being used on computer and smartphone

Qlik Sense | Data Analytics Platform

Qlik Sense is the complete data analytics platform that helps you solve any Business Intelligence use case with ease. Extract data from any source system using their broad range of standard connectors. Transform it to suit your needs with the intuitive and AI-guided graphic interface or with robust code. Finally, create stunning and flexible dashboards using a broad range of visualizations.

Stretch Qonnect is a certified Qlik Elite Solution Provider and won Qlik Solution Provider of the Year in EMEA for 2020.

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Qlik Sense being used for self-service business intelligence on computer
Qlik Sense being used on smartphone

What is Qlik Sense?

Qlik Sense is the complete end-to-end business intelligence platform bringing the power of analytics to business users in a secure and scalable manner.

It was originally the successor to QlikView and it still uses the same associative engine that made QlikView such a popular choice for companies across the globe. But while QlikView was made for the previous generation of IT-led data discovery, Qlik Sense is built for the new age of self-service, mobile, and embedded analytics.

Core Features and Hosting Flexibility

The heart of this platform is its associative engine, facilitating swift, in-memory data analysis on a large scale, ensuring comprehensive insight discovery. It further supports users in developing data models and interactive dashboards through its active intelligence features. Additionally, Qlik Sense offers flexible hosting options: users can either manage it on their own premises or utilize Qlik’s efficient and secure cloud services for immediate deployment.


  • Fully web-based BI platform. No desktop is needed.
  • Full self-service analytics
  • Easy embedding
  • Powerful associative engine
  • Connect to any source system
  • Web, mobile, and conversational analytics
  • Your choice of SaaS (cloud) or client-hosted


BARC Matrix with customer experience and business value as values and Qlik highlighted as the leading business intelligence tool

Why Choose Qlik Sense?

Qlik Sense: A Global Choice for Modern Analytics

Thousands of companies around the world have chosen this platform for its comprehensive, yet cost-effective and scalable analytics platform. With a decade of recognition from Gartner as a leader in Analytics and Business Intelligence, Qlik Sense, as their flagship product, stands out for its exceptional capabilities.

Outstanding Achievements in BARC’s BI & Analytics Survey 2021

In the BARC’s BI & Analytics Survey 2021, the world’s largest analytics survey, Qlik Sense achieved top rankings in numerous categories. These include business benefits, value, recommendations, product satisfaction, dashboards, analysis, customer experience, and data preparation. This distinction highlights Qlik Sense’s leadership and excellence in various crucial areas of analytics.

You should try out Qlik Sense if you are looking to find a strong, scalable, and easy-to-use analytics platform for your team or business.

  • Qlik Sense ranked number 1 in BARC’s BI & Analytics Survey 21 in the categories: Business Benefits, Business Value, Recommendation, Product Satisfaction, Dashboards, Analyses, Customer Experience, and Data Preparation


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