Great News – Qloud Cover for Qlik, by Stretch Qonnect is here!


Discover Qloud Cover which is a powerful SaaS solution for simplified Qlik Cloud tenant backup and restoration. Store backups on your preferred platform and restore objects to any Qlik Cloud tenant with a single click.

Back up individual objects, groups of objects (like Spaces), or entire tenants with ease. Seamlessly restore or transfer objects between tenants. Enjoy the perfect blend of ease, security, and reliability, safeguarding your valuable data and content.





  • Applications
  • Automations
  • Space Settings
  • Data Connections
  • User Allocations & Rights
  • License Allocations

And…so much more!

Experience Qloud Cover for Qlik Cloud and safeguard your tenant(s) effortlessly.

Don’t wait— start protecting your cloud environment today!