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Finance – The Power of Your Finance Data

See how next-gen business intelligence strategies are transforming finance outcomes

In today’s corporate finance departments, the pressure to do more with less is greater than ever. The most successful finance teams partner with other lines of business to drive growth through data-driven insights, using advanced analytics and predictive models. But translating insights into real-time actions requires real-time analytics that can’t be achieved with traditional business intelligence solutions and dashboards. To unleash the full power of your finance data, you need a new approach.

Join Qlik Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Joe DosSantos and Sven Adler, Qlik Vice President of Finance Planning and Analysis, to explore how you can:

  • Turn real-time data into real-time insights and actions to improve financial planning and performance
  • Transition from traditional BI into a modern, agile approach
  • Tap into new advances in data, cloud, and analytics to improve your bottom line


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