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Webinair – Supply Chain

Transforming Supply Chain Operations in Unpredictable Times –

Learn from Whitworths Success Story

With massive disruptions in the global supply chain, agility is a top priority for manufacturers. Learn how Whitworths, a leading UK food manufacturer, adapted quickly through real-time data and analytics.

You’ll learn how they:

  • Monitor up-to-the-minute data with real-time alerts for critical components of their manufacturing, shipping, and supply chain.
  • Empower teams with the latest innovations by immediately deploying inventory alerts and mobile analytics.


  • Reduce infrastructure and maintenance costs with a scalable cloud-based service model.
  • Support a data-driven, data-literate culture that democratizes access to insights in real-time.


Discover how Whitworths leveraged a modern approach to supply chain operations to stay ahead of disruptions while continuously supporting supplier, partner, and customer needs.


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