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Supply Chain Analytics

Qlik Sense dashboard with supply chain analysis

Supply Chain Analytics

Supply chains are often fragmented with processes and KPIs straddling several functions. This makes data visibility a challenge to the modern supply chain leader. Supply chain analytics solutions can help you take control of your supply chain by exploring all the data and processes impacting it.

Are you looking to improve planning accuracy? Increase performance? reduce risks? Then the answers are likely in the data.

Stretch Qonnect can help you here. Our experienced analytics experts can help you transform the way your supply chain department uses business intelligence.

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Your supply chain from every angel

Today’s analytics solutions can give you unprecedented insights your supply chain. Connect and manage your supply chain from end to end and increase visibility, reduce risks, and optimize operations.

However, supply chain professionals are… well supply chain experts, not business intelligence experts. Building modern analytics solutions to support supply chain management requires technical experience to:

  • Identify high ROI analytics use cases
  • Find, extract, and combine data from multiple heterogenous sources
  • Create intuitive visualization/dashboards showing the right insights

A great supply chain analytics solution never replaces the capabilities and experience of the supply chain professional. When made correctly, the supply chain analytics solution will greatly amplify their expertise.

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Qlik Sense dashboard with supply chain analysis

3 areas to improve with supply chain analytics

1.Optimize Capacity Planning

Analytics can help you match procurement and manufacturing capacity to sales demands. With unprecedented insight into your whole supply chain, you can get the rights answers to plan for.

2. Understand risks

Supply chain analytics can help you better identify known risk and help you predict future risks by spotting patterns and trends throughout the supply chain.

3. Lean supply chains

Use supply chain analytics to monitor warehouses, customer requirements, and partner responses to make quick and fact-based decisions.

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