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Financial Analytics

Financial Analytics

Executives are looking to CFOs for data-based insights that propel the business forward. They’re calling on the finance team to be the organization’s analytics powerhouse, driving the analytics agenda for the business. And they’re increasing the pressure on finance departments to transition from historical reporting to a forward-looking perspective.

Stretch Qonnect can help you here. Our experienced analytics experts can help you transform the way your finance department uses business intelligence.

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Data Management
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Data-driven Finance

Today’s analytics tools can give you unprecedented insights into your financial KPIs, your product performance, customer behavior, competitive threats, market conditions, and more. As a result, you gain the power to revolutionize your business for the digital age.

However, finance professionals are… well finance experts, not business intelligence experts. Building modern analytics solutions to support finance requires technical experience to:

  • Identify high ROI analytics use cases
  • Find, extract, and combine data from multiple heterogeneous sources like ERP systems, HCM-systems, DW solutions, etc.
  • Create intuitive visualization/dashboards showing the right insights

A great financial analytics solution never replaces the capabilities and experience of the finance professional. When made correctly, the financial analytics solution will greatly amplify their expertise.

10 ways to drive transformation with financial analytics

3 areas to improve with modern financial analytics

1. Efficient expense management

Use analytics to get a holistic view of all expenses and vendors to discover the real cost of doing business and find areas to reduce costs and increase profitability.

2. Optimized budget allocation and forecasting

Get started with a data-driven approach to forecasting and budgeting. Streamline the analysis and gain insights into cash flow, break-even, amortization, and a lot more, helping you make better plans for the future.

3. Insightful revenue and profitability management

Make sure your financial balance stays healthy, by using analytics solutions to improve cash conversion cycles and increase balance sheet visibility. A modern analytics solution can help reduce the labor and time-intensive process of analyzing cash-flow and balance sheets and give you an unprecedented look into the financial performance of all your products and services.

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