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HR Analytics

HR Analytics

Analytics hasn’t traditionally been a part of the HR toolkit ― yet you’re sitting on a wealth of valuable data. With the right people analytics platform, you can better motivate and manage your people, create more relevant HR strategies, and transform the value HR contributes to your business.

Are you looking to improve workforce management? Recruitment? Employee rewards? Then the answers are likely in the data.

Stretch Qonnect can help you identify where to focus your analytics efforts in HR and implement HR specific business intelligence (BI) solutions.

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Data Management
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Data-Driven People Management

Too long data-driven approaches have been left out of the HR toolkit. From modernizing talent acquisition to making workforce management more efficient, analytics has a lot to offer HR teams.

However, HR professionals are… well HR experts, not business intelligence experts. Building modern HR solutions to support a data-driven approach requires technical experience to:

  • Identify high ROI analytics use cases
  • Find, extract, and combine data from multiple heterogeneous sources like HCM, payroll, compliance, learning, LOB, etc.
  • Create intuitive visualization/dashboards showing the right insights

A great HR analytics solution will greatly amplify HR professionals. Not replace them.

At Stretch Qonnect, our expert HR analytics consultants have many years of experience helping HR departments get started with and improving their use of data to achieve great results.

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3 areas to improve with HR Analytics

1. Modernize your talent acquisition

Analytics solutions can help you understand your talent pipeline and hiring needs so you get the right people, into the right roles, at the right time. Use data and analytics to improve the efficiency of the recruiting process, new hire quality, and diversity.

2. Empower your performance management

Go beyond traditional review processes with a data-driven approach. Combine data from your performance management system, LMS, and other sources of employee data, creating a holistic view of performance. This will help you be more proactive with monitoring processes and creating feedback between managers and employees.

3. Improve workflow management

Analytics can play an integral role in helping you manage the rapidly changing workforce. Insights can let you enhance employee training, increase staffing efficiency, and improve leadership succession and planning

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