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At Stretch Qonnect, we’re here to make data work for you. From the initial stages of your data-driven journey to the final results, our services encompass every aspect.

Our approach goes beyond just technology; we understand that offering generic solutions that often lead to inefficiency. With Stretch Qonnect, you’re guaranteed to work with experts who specialize in the best and most valuable technologies in our field.

We start by identifying valuable analytics opportunities, crafting a tailored data strategy, and setting up modern business intelligence systems and integrations. Furthermore we excel in creating user-friendly dashboards while training your team to use them effectively.

Stretch Qonnect is part of the Stretch Group.

We believe in the will and ability of all people to develop a better world.

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Marias journey to Stretch Qonnect

Maria’s curiosity about technology made her make an exciting change in her career.

You’ve made quite the career change! What inspired it?

The pandemic pushed me to pursue my own development as a Frontend Developer. I applied, got accepted, and never looked back. Fully committed to the journey, it was both challenging and thrilling. If you’re considering a career change, trust the process—it’s worth it!

As an outsider entering the IT industry, my preconceptions were proven wrong. The industry is not square or overly complicated. Attitude plays a role; I was more ready for change than I thought. It feels right now, and I’m thrilled with Stretch Qonnect.

What do you bring, as a player on the Stretch team?

I bring a humble attitude, strong communication, and problem-solving skills from various experiences. At Stretch Qonnect, I’ll create effective tools for data-driven decision-making and bring my passion about the creative process and helping companies succeed with me. In a nutshell, I’m an enthusiastic nerd who delves into everything from Marvel movies to data analysis!

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Qlik Sense being used on computer and smartphone

Modern Business Intelligence with Qlik by Stretch Qonnect

Expert Qlik consultancy services are what we provide globally.

With our seasoned Qlik specialists, we guide you from strategic planning to effective implementation. Employing our consultants ensures adherence to best practices and optimizes your environment for maximum value delivery to users.

As a Qlik-certified Elite Solution Provider and the proud recipient of the 2020 Qlik Solution Provider of the Year award in EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa), Stretch Qonnect has demonstrated a longstanding commitment to crafting innovative, value-driven business intelligence solutions on the Qlik platform.

We have certified consultants covering the whole Qlik product line.

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Are you great at working with data and are your looking for an new opportunity at a firm where you can grow your skills while solving exciting analytics projects? We are always looking for curious and skillful people to join our teams. Contact us for the chance to join our Danish or Swedish team!