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Data Management by Stretch Qonnect

Make data easy to find, understand, and use with modern data management.

Like most people likely to read this, we love data. And more data is better as it allows us to use data in more areas of our decision-making and with higher precision. But as the amounts of data increase so do the requirements for good data management in order to turn that data into business value. Data management is the art of making data easy to find, understand, and use, while never compromising on security.

When data management works well it means less time spent finding data, less time spent trying to understand it, less time spent doing the same ETL processes your colleague already did once, less discussions on which version of the truth is correct, and less security breaches. That amounts to a whole lot more time for analyzing and using data to make a difference.

Stretch Qonnect can help you succeed with data management.

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Modern Data Management

Stretch Qonnect can help you build a secure, enterprise-scale repository of all the data your business needs for analytics, giving your data consumers a single place to find, understand, and use data from any underlying data source.

Our goal is to help you create one simplified view of all your data. Shopping for data should be as easy as shopping on any modern website, regardless of the data source.

Metadata is central to our approach to modern data management. Metadata is used to structure, document, secure, and manage data collection, ensuring you can create a well-governed data marketplace.

When we are done, data consumers across your organization get on-demand access to business-ready data through a data marketplace, which is an integrated, secure, enterprise data catalog.

Data On-Demand

With our data catalog solutions, analytics-ready data is available on-demand, allowing data analysts, downstream applications, algorithms, or your other data consumers to find and begin using new data in minutes, not months.

Reuse & Collaborate

By preserving and cataloging new datasets and data preparation flows as they’re generated, we empower your users to reuse and build on previously created assets in the marketplace. Greater reuse lowers data preparation costs and speeds the delivery of new data to your data consumers


For your marketplace to scale, enterprise policies, such as data protection and appropriate use, need to be in place at all times. Our approach facilitates the use of metadata to capture, enforce, and monitor data policies and usage from the time data enters your marketplace.

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