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Customer case: nemlig.com

Elevating Online Retail through Data Intelligence at nemlig.com

“In the digital landscape, our data is an asset, crucial to every part of our operations. With Qlik Cloud® and Stretch Qonnect, we’ve been able to tap into that asset more effectively than ever.”

Gitte Nørby Johnsen, Business Insights Director, Head of BI & Data Science at nemlig.com.

Utilizing data at nemlig.com

As Denmark’s leading online supermarket, nemlig.com harnesses a wealth of data every day. The company, born digital, has a clear understanding of the importance of data utilization in every aspect of its operations. This case study explores how nemlig.com, with Qlik Cloud and Stretch Qonnect, effectively deployed its data to enhance business efficiency. With Qlik Cloud, nemlig.com has made data analytics an integral part of its operational and strategic processes, including customer service, logistics, finance, and procurement.

“The Qlik has enhanced our data analysis, leading to improved decision-making processes across our operations and strategy,” says Gitte Nørby Johnsen, Business Insights Director, Head of BI & Data Science.


Using Qlik Cloud to Archieve Business Goals

Initially, nemlig.com used Qlik Sense on Google BigQuery to handle its data analytics needs, primarily due to the platform’s ability to manage large data volumes. However, as their data and business intelligence requirements grew, they decided to switch from Qlik Sense to Qlik Cloud. Gitte Nørby Johnsen explains the reasoning:

“Qlik Cloud’s data processing capacity and its business intelligence features, such as self-service dashboarding, data alerting, and application automation, align perfectly with our data-driven approach.“

To break down how the solution came to life, the prioritization can be visualized by the three piles:

three pillars

In the first place Stretch Qonnect played an important role in order to aid the transition for nemlig.com. Their contribution to the migration process was notable. Gitte recognized their helpful involvement, commending their technical know-how and advisory services. Stretch Qonnect assisted in managing the complexities of the migration, helping to move to a more advanced business intelligence platform while minimizing disruptions to their operations.

Their support was helpful in addressing the technical and strategic challenges associated with adopting a new data analytics system. Gitte elaborates:

“Their technical expertise and advisory services were excellent, helping us through an otherwise complicated migration.“

nemlig.insight: Empowering Suppliers

As an addition, one innovative use of Qlik resulted in nemlig.insight, a platform nemlig.com developed to share valuable data insights with their suppliers. This platform offers insights into various aspects of supplier performance, from campaign effectiveness to delivery and inventory stock performance.

“By sharing our data through nemlig.insight, we are able to help our suppliers make more informed decisions,” says Gitte. “It’s an initiative that benefits both our suppliers and us by improving overall efficiency and performance.“


nemlig.com nemlig.insight dashboard

Looking Ahead

As a result of this project, nemlig.com continues their data-driven approach, focusing on improving the ability to predict trends and patterns in a much more dynamic value chain. Gitte adds,

“Our vision is to anticipate and meet our customers’ needs effectively. The potential we see in enhancing our predictive capabilities is truly exciting.”

In conclusion: The synergy between Qlik Cloud®’s capabilities and Stetch Qonnect’s expertise, exemplifies how unlocking data potential creates added value for nemlig.com and their suppliers – which has a direct positive effect on the customers’ experience of online grocery shopping.


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