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From Data to Business Value. We are a modern Business Intelligence partner focused on empowering decision-makers with data.

Turning your data into business value

At Stretch Qonnect, we’re here to make data work for you. From the initial stages of your data-driven journey to the final results, our services encompass every aspect.

We start by identifying valuable analytics opportunities, crafting a tailored data strategy, and setting up modern business intelligence systems and integrations. Furthermore we excel in creating user-friendly dashboards while training your team to use them effectively.

Our approach goes beyond just technology; we understand that offering generic solutions that often lead to inefficiency. With Stretch Qonnect, you’re guaranteed to work with experts who specialize in the best and most valuable technologies in our field.

Stretch Qonnect is part of the Stretch Group.

We believe in the will and ability of all people to develop a better world.

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Stretch Qonnect - Your Data Analytics Partner. Consultant meeting.

Qlik Sense being used on computer and smartphone

Experience Modern Business Intelligence with Qlik by Stretch Qonnect

Wondering what collaborating with us as your data analytics partner entails?

Stretch Qonnect provides expert Qlik consultancy services to businesses worldwide. Our specialists guide you through every phase, from strategy development to seamless implementation. By leveraging Qlik consultants from Stretch Qonnect, you ensure that your environment adheres to best practices, enabling maximum value generation for your users, customers, and business operations.

As a Qlik certified Elite Channel Partner and the proud recipient of the 2020 Qlik Solution Provider of the Year award in EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa), we’ve earned our reputation through years of unwavering dedication to creating innovative, value-driven business intelligence solutions using the full potential of the Qlik platform.

Our team comprises certified consultants well-versed in the entire Qlik product line, ready to support your needs.

Qlik Elite Partner Certification and Solution Provider of the Year


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