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Qlik Alerting | Smart Data Alerts

Qlik Alerting delivers data-driven alerts directly from Qlik Sense to your inbox or smartphone. You can now act in time with these data-driven alerts.

The users can create self-service data alerts directly in Qlik Sense, and organizations can centrally configure and manage alerts for widespread distribution. Alerts are delivered through customizable emails or secure mobile apps.

Stretch Qonnect is a certified Qlik Elite Solution Provider and won Qlik Solution Provider of the Year in EMEA for 2020.


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Data architecture of Qlik Alerting sending data alerts from Qlik Sense to email and smartphones

What is Qlik Alerting?

Qlik Alerting adds smart data alert creation and distribution to Qlik Sense, helping users quickly respond to changes in the data.

It delivers a lot more than just simple notifications based on changes to KPIs. You can create alerts based on complex statistical calculations, trending, comparisons, and much more. Because Qlik Alerting uses Qlik’s associative engine, alerts are even context-aware and adapt to selection states providing links to the right dashboard for further analysis.

It can be used either directly within Qlik Sense for easy self-service data alert creation or via the hub where administrations can define and centrally distribute alerts to large groups or individuals.

  • Sophisticated, intelligent data alerts for Qlik Sense
  • Self-service data alert creation
  • Distribute via email or mobile app


logo of Qlik Alerting and reasons to choose Qlik Alerting

Why Choose Qlik Alerting?

Qlik Alerting is all about acting quickly to change and driving the adoption of Qlik Sense.

In rapidly changing business environments, acting quickly to change can be the difference between reporting on events and responding to them. Act in time to take advantage of rising opportunities and eliminate problems before they grow too big. With this product, you can act on changes as they are occurring and are captured in Qlik Sense.

But it is also about driving the adoption of Qlik Sense and reducing dashboard fatigue. By using Qlik Alerting, organizations, and users can manage by exception or notify users when data is fresh. Get notifications when data is updated or just when something interesting is occurring.

  • Respond to changes as they happen
  • Reduce dashboard fatigue
  • Drive user adoption

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