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Qlik NPrinting | Enterprise Reporting

Add dynamic enterprise reporting to your Qlik Sense or QlikView environment with Qlik NPrinting.

With Qlik NPrinting you can combine data and visualizations from multiple sources to create high-quality reports in your favorite format and distribute them to large groups or individuals.

Qlik NPrinting gives you a single platform for all your report creation and distribution needs. Reuse the existing data models and visualization from Qlik Sense or QlikView to quickly make stunning reports, and embed links to Qlik analytics apps to explore more.

Stretch Qonnect is a certified Qlik Elite Solution Provider and won Qlik Solution Provider of the Year in EMEA for 2020.

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What is Qlik NPrinting?

Qlik NPrinting enables your organization to create, manage, and share great-looking reports fast, using data and visualizations from Qlik Sense and QlikView.

Qlik NPrinting integrates with all the most popular document formats like PowerPoint, Excel, Word, PDF, JPG, and more. This means you can easily create beautiful high-resolution reports in your favorite tool.

The product is also built to scale and to be secure for large enterprises. Large tasks can be executed simultaneously even with hundreds or thousands of reports. Qlik NPrinting uses row-level security and filters combined with control-based access for a completely secure setup.

Reports can be distributed centrally via email, corporate directory, or web. For self-service, users can get on-demand reports through the Qlik NPrinting NewsStand.

  • Reuse data and analytics from QlikView and Qlik Sense
  • Create beautiful reports in all the most popular formats
  • Manage reports from a single scalable and secure platform
  • Distribute large volumes of reports via email or web
  • Self-service reporting
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Why Choose Qlik NPrinting?

Qlik NPrinting is the perfect product for the organization that is already using either QlikView or Qlik Sense and is looking to create detailed reports and distribute them to a large number of users.

A common NPrinting use case is to distribute weekly or monthly reports to whole departments. In many cases, the recipients might not even need access to QlikView or Qlik Sense. Hence, NPrinting can be used to reduce the number of user licenses required, since anyone can receive an NPrinting report even without access to QlikView or Qlik Sense.

It is also quite common to use NPrinting to publish reports on the web. This could be for a SharePoint site or maybe even just to showcase the reports on screens around the organization.

  • A cheap solution for getting beautiful reports to a large number of users
  • Create reports beyond the detail level possible in QlikView or Qlik Sense
  • Publish reports to shared spaces or screens

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