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10x faster time to market for analytics use cases in Naviair
– Combining SAP with other data sources in Qlik

“I always recommend Stretch Qonnect to others for three reasons: High level of competency, great advisors, and a great network.”

Pierre Kauhanen, Analytics Platform Administrator, Naviair.

The Challenge

Naviair, the organization responsible for guiding aircraft safely through Danish airspace, was looking for a comprehensive business intelligence platform. The goal was a platform, enabling analyzing flight patterns and financial data more effectively.

Its existing system, SAP BW, while functional and valuable as a key component. It still, wasn’t meeting its evolving needs for a more modern look and feel, better self-service, and faster development times. At the same time Naviair wanted to challenge and optimize the process of training its their air traffic controllers as a part of its overall data-driven transformation.

Naviair partnered with Stretch Qonnect, to implement Qlik Sense, a dynamic business intelligence platform known for its advanced capabilities and seamless SAP integration. We replicated everything through Azure as the preferred cloud storage platform. The data is approximately of 80% data migrated from SAP and 20% from multiple data sources that, together provide a complete picture.

Pierre Kauhanen, Analytics Platform Administrator at Naviair, who led the implementation in close collaboration with Stretch Qonnect says:

“We looked at Power BI, Tableau, and Qlik, but only Qlik Sense could integrate with SAP in the way we needed”

Qlik Sense is now the business intelligence platform for the entire organization, creating dashboards and analytics applications that support all departments.

On the other hand, the digitization of the air traffic controller training program in various Qlik applications became a successful add-on. By embedding analytics directly into Qlik and using Vizlib as a SaaS solution, we were able to create an interactive learning assessment platform.

Data-driven to the core

Since implementing Qlik Sense, Naviair has seen remarkable improvements in its analytics capabilities. “Our time-to-market for delivering on business intelligence use cases is 10 times faster in Qlik Sense than with SAP BW,” said Pierre.

In addition, Qlik Sense has enabled Naviair to achieve self-service business intelligence. By empowering employees across the organization, they gained insights and make data-driven decisions. This has made reporting in finance and HR processes much more accessible by automating Qlik Cloud Reporting.

Key results:

  • 10x faster time to market for creating new business intelligence reports and dashboards.
  • Simplified, intuitive, data-driven and Qlik-powered organization.
  • Enabled self-service business intelligence with liberated data

Implementing the evaluation platform within a Qlik application resulted in an easier approach for students to evaluate their own learning. At the same time it provided a gateway for improvement in specific areas of the learning material, such as identifying difficulties or satisfaction with learning outcomes. Everything to make areas of improvement more visible.

Looking ahead

Naviair’s vision for the future includes leveraging machine learning capabilities to predict future outcomes, rather than just analyzing historical data. With Qlik Sense‘s potential to integrate AI and ML, Naviair is well positioned to take this next step. With its new free enrichment of its SAP data combined with other data sources their analytics journey can begin with gaining actionable insights.

“Qlik Sense made us ready to take the next step in our analytics journey.”

– Pierre Kauhanen, Analytics Platform Administrator, Naviair.


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