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SAP Connectivity for Qlik Analytics

SAP Connectivity for Qlik Analytics

Moving Beyond Traditional SAP BI Methods

Don’t let complex, traditional SAP Business Intelligence (BI) methods be your only path to data discovery. Think beyond online analytical processing (OLAP) on a multi-dimensional array.

Accelerating Data Analytics with Qlik

Accelerate your data analytics with our Qlik associative, in-memory platform, enhanced with Qlik Connectors for SAP.

Versatile Integration with SAP Systems

Our Qlik SAP Connectors support various integration methods for communicating with SAP ERP, SAP BW, or SAP HANA, offering flexibility for different organizational needs.

Elevating Business Intelligence

Take your Business Intelligence to the next level by integrating the power of SAP with the innovative capabilities of Qlik Sense.


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SAP & Qlik | Best of both worlds

Combine Data Sources
The Qlik associative model, designed specifically for interactive, free-form exploration and analysis, lets your users easily combine data from SAP ERP, SAP BW, and SAP HANA together with data from non-SAP systems into powerful Qlik applications. Graphical, wizard-based functionality supports multiple data sources and numerous file types

Rapid deployment

We help you get more value out of your SAP system within days or weeks, not months or years. We deliver out-of-the-box templates so your users can get insights instantly from day one.

Added value for your SAP investment

With quick, flexible, ad-hoc analysis, the Qlik solution enables you to access all of your data across multiple SAP systems. And, it’s easy for your business users to work with and your IT team to manage.

Certified SAP Connectivity

The Qlik Connector for SAP NetWeaver and product integration with SAP HANA comes with the added assurance of SAP certification. Use sanctioned Qlik technology to analyze critical information from your SAP system.

Productivity boost from reusing SAP components

Our package of Qlik Connectors for SAP lets your organization reuse business logic and leverage investments you already have in SAP components such as BEx queries, DSO / ODS objects, ABAP reports, SAP queries, and SAP extractors.

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