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Maximizing Analytics by Stretch Qonnect & Stretch On Sense

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Location: Stretch Group, Gamla Brogatan 26, 111 20 Stockholm

Date & Time: September 14, 2023, 8:30 AM – 12:00 PM

Are you curious about the future of data integration?

Get ready to dive into a world of cutting-edge technologies that will reshape your perspective on data integration, cloud solutions, and active intelligence.

We kick off the day with a breakfast & coffee session at 08.30 – the perfect fuel to power your mind for the tech-packed journey ahead.

We will introduce you to the groundbreaking Qlik Cloud Data Integration, showcased through the lens of Stretch Qonnect.

Unravel the realm of Talend, a game-changer in the data landscape.

We will dive deeper into Migration Tool and Qloud Cover by Stretch Qonnect and witness innovation in action as we untangle the intricacies of seamless migration and robust cloud protection.

The last stop is an exploration of active intelligence within Elite Sport by Stretch On Sense.

Prepare to be amazed by the seamless fusion of data power!

See you on the 14th of September – let’s Tech the Future, Together!

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(the presentation will be held in English)

08.30  Breakfast & Coffee

09.00  Welcome

09.10  Stretch Qonnect – An introduction to Qlik Cloud Data integration

09.40  Talend – An introduction to Talend

10.30 Break

10.45  Stretch Qonnect – An introduction to Migration Tool and Qloud Cover

11.15  Stretch on Sense – Hat-TriQ – Active intelligence in elite sport, taking the game to the next level!

For any food restrictions please let us know before 11th of September

We have 40 seats, first come first serve.