Qloud Cover Backup

Customizable, automated backup for Qlik Cloud

Ever wished to undo a mistake? Longed to reverse time, just moments or days, before deleting or altering something now costly to recreate?

Discover Qloud Cover which is a powerful SaaS-solution for simplified Qlik Cloud tenant backup and restore. Store backups on your preferred platform and restore objects to any Qlik Cloud tenant with a single click.

For when you and your users occasionally are not perfect

Back up individual objects, groups of objects (like Spaces), or entire tenants easily. Seamlessly restore or transfer objects between tenants. Enjoy the perfect blend of ease, security, and reliability, safeguarding your valuable data and content.


Backup for your:

  • Applications
  • Automations
  • Space Settings
  • Data Connections
  • User Allocations & Rights
  • License Allocations

And…so much more!

Contact us here and hear about the option suitable for your Qlik environment.

Experience Qloud Cover and save your tenant(s) effortlessly.

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Qloud Cover revolutionizes the way you manage and protect your Qlik Cloud data, offering seamless backup and versioning capabilities.

Effortless Backup:

Qloud Cover automatically backs up your Qlik Cloud content and data at regular intervals, ensuring that you never lose any critical information. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your data is always secure and easily recoverable.

Smart Versioning:

Say goodbye to the confusion of multiple file versions. With Qloud Cover’s intelligent versioning system, you can easily access, compare, and restore previous versions of your Qlik Cloud data and content, enabling you to maintain system integrity.


Qloud Cover lets you store backups & versions in your preferred storage system while enabling restoration to the original Qlik Cloud tenant or any other tenant of your choice.

User-friendly Interface:

With the easy-to-use dashboard, Qloud Cover finally intuitively simplifies the process of managing your backups and versions, allowing you to focus on what matters most – your business.

Don’t wait— start protecting your cloud environment today!

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