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QlikView | Interactive Analytics

QlikView was one of the first truly modern analytics tools for the guided analytics age and pioneered the associative engine, that changed the way people access data, giving them all their data at the speed of thought.

More recently, Qlik Sense has surpassed QlikView and is the new benchmark for which modern analytics platforms are measured. Furthermore, Qlik Sense uses the very same engine that made QlikView so special. This means that QlikView customers can easily move into the next age of self-service analytics by converting to Qlik Sense.

Stretch Qonnect is the leading Qlik Solution Provider in Europe and we can help you upgrade from QlikView to Qlik Sense.

QlikView to Qlik Sense | Why & How

What is QlikView?

QlikView is the first-generation BI solution that drove the shift in the market away from large, IT-driven, stack-based technologies to more agile data discovery approaches, kicking off the data analytics revolution. Customers readily adopted QlikView to solve business problems because it allowed them to rapidly create highly interactive dashboards and analytics apps without dependence on stack technology. Over two decades, QlikView has driven tremendous value for customers of all shapes and sizes, across all major industries and geographies.

Qlik has continued to lead the way with Qlik Sense, their next-generation analytics platform. With the Associative Engine, powerful augmented analytics, and a governed multi-cloud architecture, it supports the full range of analytics use cases at an enterprise scale.

Qlik Sense being used for self-service business intelligence on computer
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Why Move to Qlik Sense?

It is safe to say there has never been a better time than right now to upgrade from QlikView to its leading-edge sibling, Qlik Sense. We are frequently asked about when and why you should move to Qlik Sense, so in this piece, we highlight some of the key considerations and benefits.

It is free

A surprisingly large amount of QlikView customers are still not aware of this, but despite being the clearly more advanced product, moving to Qlik Sense is free if you have QlikView. If you are a QlikView customer today, you can currently exchange your licenses to the equivalent Qlik Sense licenses at no cost.


Qlik Sense uses a lot of drag-and-drop functionality, minimizing the requirements for coding to solve simple tasks. Qlik Sense also has a Master Library where you can store reusable items like approved calculations, measures, dimensions, and charts. This makes it easy for IT to enable true governed self-service.

Create and explore on any device

Qlik Sense always scales to the size of your screen, so all your dashboards are instantly available for mobile users in a mobile-friendly style. This means mobile does not become an extra hurdle, but just another interface that users can switch to whenever and wherever.

Embedded Analytics

Embedded analytics is becoming increasingly popular and luckily Qlik Sense is made for it. Easily embed single objects or whole sheets into basically anything: Your intranet, extranet, web applications, CRM, or whatever you like.

QlikView to Qlik Sense | Why & How

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