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Qlik Compose for Data Warehouses

architecture and capabilities of Qlik Compose for data warehouse automation

Qlik Compose | Data Warehouse Automation

Qlik Compose is a leading Data Warehouse Automation (DWA) solution and greatly reduces the time and cost involved in creating and maintaining data warehouses.

It automates the design of data warehouses by automating the ETL code generation and applying changes, whilst using best practices and optimal design patterns for the chosen system.

Speed up your cloud data warehouse creation with Qlik Compose.

Stretch Qonnect is a certified Qlik Elite Solution Provider and won Qlik Solution Provider of the Year in EMEA for 2020.

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Product Introduction

Overview of the capabilities of Qlik Compose for data warehouse automation

What is Qlik Compose for Data Warehouses?

Qlik Compose helps you throughout the entire data warehouse creation process.

Easily set up loads from a broad range of source systems and when possible even import the data model design from the source. Qlik Compose supports both real-time CDC streaming and batch loads.

Its flexibility and intuitive graphic interface help the user automate the data model design. All ETL code is auto-generated to populate and load the data warehouse. Data marts are deployed without manual coding and can be selected from a broad range of options. Run all data warehouse and data mart ETL tasks as a single, end-to-end process.

Throughout the process, Qlik Compose offers strong workflow management and monitoring capabilities. Qlik Compose automatically creates metadata during design phases and implementation and can re-generate data lineage when changes are implemented.

Data profiling and data quality are at the forefront and Qlik Compose identifies format issues and data discrepancies. Easily remediate issues with values, formats, data ranges, and duplication, while also implementing exception policies.

Qlik Compose supports data warehouse automation for Azure, Google BigQuery, Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, and more.

  • Quickly design, create, load, and update data warehouses
  • Automatically generate ETL to reduce time and costs
  • Implement best practices and templates for more effective DW projects
  • Automatically generate end-to-end workflows from data ingest to report generation
  • Support for Azure, Google BigQuery, Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, and more.
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Why Choose Qlik Compose?

Traditional methods of building and managing data warehouses can no longer keep up with business demands. Multi-month processes with error-prone ETL development effort means that the data model is out-of-date before the BI project even starts. Modifying these outdated data warehouses causes even more delays, ties up skilled resources, and delays project ROI.

Qlik Compose reduces the time, cost, and risk of BI projects, whether on-premises or in the cloud by automating and optimizing data warehouse creation and operation.

Try out Qlik Compose if you are looking to create a data warehouse or update your existing solution for new business needs.

  • Dramatically reduce the time, costs, and risks of data warehousing projects
  • Streamline data warehouse and ETL generation
  • Reduce dependence on highly technical development resources

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