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Analytics for Salesforce

Analytics for Salesforce

We help you take the complexity out of your CRM analyses and deliver unprecedented visibility into all your data directly in Salesforce.

Our embedded business intelligence solution allows you to bring all your insights seamlessly to Salesforce without actually moving the data to the Salesforce cloud. Combine data from all your relevant data sources like ERP systems, Google Analytics, Data Warehouses, or wherever your data resides, and bring it to Salesforce.

Our solutions integrate with your existing authorization and authentication setup and dynamically adjust to user rights and selections.

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Stretch Qonnect. Products & Solutions
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Data-driven Sales

Demand shifts and opportunities to exploit market variances require real-time insights into customers, buying behaviors, product mix, sales performance, and trends. Knowing which channels, sales reps, customers, products, and service programs are performing — and which are not — offer tremendous competitive advantages if data hidden in Salesforce and other systems can be fully leveraged.

Our solution can provide you with a complete 365-view of your pipeline, territory, win/loss, opportunities, and competition.

Typical use cases:

  • Improve customer targeting
  • Better capture cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
  • Improve preparation and effectiveness of customer interaction
  • Improve pipeline insight
  • Optimize discounting and negotiations
  • Integration of Sales Data with in-house systems (ERP, DW, Google Analytics, etc.)

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All your Data at your Finger Tips

We work with leading analytics platform, Qlik Sense, which allows you to extract data from any source, normalize it to suit your business logic, and create stunning analytics dashboard. These dashboard can adjust to any screen size and be seamlessly embedded into Salesforce.

A truly secure and seamless user experience.

Upon embedding, we can integrate with Salesforce variables to allow for dynamic focus as well as integrate with your existing authentication and authorization architecture. For instance you might have the entire transaction history for all your customers and products available in a single dashboard. However, when an employee opens Salesforce and looks at the dashboard, they will only be able to see the data they are allowed to see. And upon selecting a specific customer, the dashboard will automatically adjust to that selection and only show the relevant data for that customer.

Integrate wherever data is needed

The solution can be embedded wherever in Salesforce that you need data-driven decisions to be taken. Embed analytics dashboards on customer pages, campaigns, opportunities, or wherever on the Salesforce platform you wish.

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