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Writeback for Qlik Sense

Is an extension developed by Stretch Qonnect, designed to enable direct writeback from Qlik Sense to a database. Once the data is entered in Qlik Sense the data is available for other users via the extension and in the database for other applications.

With writeback for Qlik Sense by Stretch Qonnect, data is saved in Real-Time and available for any user inside the applications. The generated data can then also be used in Qlik together with the other in-memory data.

Writeback for Qlik Sense is designed as a flexible solution to suit the specific implementation, hence a wide range of configuration parameters can be adjusted to suit the implementation.

Examples of Writeback functionality included in our product:

  • Commenting
  • Entering text and numbers with validation
  • Sliders for a set range of possible values
  • Dropdown boxes with a predefined selection of possible values
  • Checkboxes and tick boxes, for approval notifications, etc.
  • Date picker for control of generated date formats across global apps


Certifications showing Stretch is Qlik Elite Solution Provider and winner of Qlik Solution Provider of the Year in EMEA in 2020

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Why is this essential for your business?

Unlock Real-Time Data Dynamics

In the fast-paced world we navigate, the ability to instantly update and share data is beyond valuable. Furthermore, Writeback for Qlik Sense takes your data from being merely a static element to an active, integral part of your ecosystem. Consequently, it evolves without pause, thereby driving decisions across your organization. As soon as anyone enters or modifies data in Qlik Sense, it seamlessly integrates into the collective knowledge base. Hence, it becomes readily accessible and actionable for all users, enhancing collaboration and decision-making.

Customize with Ease

Central to the design of Writeback for Qlik Sense is its remarkable flexibility. This ensures that you can precisely tailor it to fit your organization’s specific needs. With a vast array of configuration options at your disposal, you can craft a customized setup. The setup integrates flawlessly with your existing systems and workflows. As a result, this level of customization not only promises but delivers a perfect fit into your operations, making transitions smoother and efficiency greater.

Imagine the Impact

Consider the transformative power at play when your data transitions from mere historical records to a dynamic, interactive force that propels your business forward. By choosing Writeback for Qlik Sense by Stretch Qonnect, you’re not merely selecting a tool; you’re embracing an innovative strategy. This strategy places your data at the heart of decision-making processes, significantly enhances collaboration, and streamlines your operational processes. Thus, it sets a new benchmark for what you can achieve with your data, marking a pivotal shift towards a more data-driven and agile business model.

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